Dystopian Novel Unit Overview

Dystopian Novel Unit Overview

Essential Question: Is “utopia” an individual or universal concept?

Major Focal Texts (you must procure one by December 1):


  • Matched by Ally Condie
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury * Additional Reading Required *



Unit Projects and Assessments

  • Second Trimester Major Project**
  • Major Works Data Sheet***
  • SOAPSTone Analysis***
  • Plot Tests (3)
  • Final Test, EOC-Style (1)
  • Dialectical Journals (5 journals x 3 = 15)
  • Literary Analysis Essay (3-5 pages)

A Word About Group Work

In this unit, you have the option to work solo, in small groups, or in large groups on certain assignments. The maximum group size will be determined by the number of students in class reading a particular novel. All tests and essays are of course solo assignments.

Novel Selection

You must make your final novel selection by November 20. There is a form in Google Classroom that you will need to complete. Once you have submitted your decision, it is final and you may not make a change.

** Details in this packet

*** Assignment will be posted in Google Classroom

Reading and Assessment Calendar


Test Information Matched Brave New World Fahrenheit 451
Test #1 (Plot) – December 12 Chapters 1 – 11 Chapters 1 – 6 The Hearth and the Salamander
Test #2 (Plot) – January 4 Chapters 12 – 21 Chapters 7 – 12 The Sieve and the Sand; Burning Bright
Test #3 (Plot) – January 18 Chapters 22 – 32 Chapters 13 – 18 Reading Packet (to be provided)

Students that choose Fahrenheit 451 will receive a packet of associated reading.

Your final assessment for this unit will be an EOC-style assessment (passage-based). Passages from all of the readings will be on the test, which means that ⅔ of the exam will be a “cold read” for each student.

Additional Due Dates & Deadlines

  • Dialectical journals (5 entries) will be due after each plot test. Journals will cover the appropriate section of the novel or short story list. Journal due dates are December 15, January 5, and January 22.
  • January 23 – Essay Rough Draft due
  • January 25 – MWDS and SOAPSTone due
  • Project and presentations due January 26 – January 30
  • January 31 – Essay final draft due



  • Slideshows must be created in Google Slides.
  • If working in a group, create ONE Slideshow. Share it with your collaborators. Do NOT share it with me until you are ready for presentation & grading.


  • 3 – 5 slides of biographical information about the author.
  • 3 – 5 slides of historical context for the novel.
  • 1 slide defining Dystopian novel
  • 3 – 5 slides of plot summary of the novel (no spoilers of the ending, please)
  • 5 slides, each with one specific example of how the novel fits the Dystopian category
  • Works Cited slide(s) – as many as necessary to cite all sources


You will have to present your slideshow to the class. As a part of the presentation, all group members must speak/present equally (you can’t assign one student to change the slides and one person to create slides).


    • Content (50 points)
  • For full credit: slideshow contains all of the required slides in the list above. Slides are complete, with a balance between text and images on each. Images included enhance the presentation, instead of disguise missing elements
    • Research & Cited Sources (25 points)
  • For full credit: Works Cited area clearly outlines which resources are used for which information/images
  • Please note that failure to cite sources will result in a plagiarism violation and a zero for this assignment
    • Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Proofreading (25 points)
  • For full credit: Clear evidence of thoughtful proofreading. Sentences are grammatically correct, presentation is free of typographical errors
    • Presentation (50 points)
  • For full credit: Slideshow is shared with Mrs. Clark prior to the beginning of class on your assigned date. Presentation to the class is clearly rehearsed and smooth, with all members equally presenting and explaining content on slides. Presentation is engaging and is an effective use of time (not simply reading slides but truly presenting information to the class)


I will share a blank Major Works Data Sheet in Google Classroom. Please follow the instructions below carefully.

If working alone:

  • Open the blank assignment. Go to the FILE menu and select Make a Copy.
  • Name your assignment as follows: LASTNAME MWDS NOVEL (for example, Clark MWDS Dracula)
  • Edit the document as necessary to complete the sections.
  • Do not share the document with me until you are ready for it to be graded.
  • When you are ready for me to grade the assignment, click the blue SHARE button and enter my e-mail address (micki.clark@hopkins.kyschools.us).

If working in a group:

  • Give Mrs. Clark a list of your group members. She will give your group an identifier.
  • Open the blank assignment. Go to the FILE menu and select Make a Copy.
  • Name your copied assignment as follows: IDENTIFIER MWDS NOVEL (for example, Group B MWDS Frankenstein)
  • Share the document with your group members by clicking the blue SHARE button and entering their school e-mail addresses. Please do not use personal Google accounts.
  • I strongly suggest creating your individual answers in separate Google docs and pasting them in rather than all editing the same document simultaneously.
  • Do not share the document with me until you are ready for it to be graded.
  • When you are ready for me to grade the assignment, click the blue SHARE button and enter my e-mail address (micki.clark@hopkins.kyschools.us).

The completed MAJOR WORKS DATA SHEET is worth 200 points (50 points per main section). Please bear in mind that I strongly prefer that you do not use any additional sources on the MWDS. If you absolutely must, cite your source. Please understand that I will aggressively check for plagiarism on the MWDS. Do not make a mistake that will result in a zero for your entire group. It’s better to err on the side of caution.