Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave

I’m starting a new feature called “Teaser Tuesday”, where I share with you snippets of my favorite parts of my books (published and work-in-progress). I spent most of the night awake on the couch battling a terribly sore throat, which is what gave me the idea to share the scene below with you. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave”

Songs of My Soul: Count Your Blessings

Sparky couldn’t handle the excitement and passed out amidst the mess.

We’ve just had a wonderful Christmas holiday. As usual, my children were very blessed (probably a little too blessed, honestly), and my living room still shows the signs of it. I have great children, and they keep swinging by the couch giving us hugs or kisses and saying thank you. They know they’re blessed.

Still, it made me think, though. Sometimes it’s easy to see your blessings, as it was for us when the floor was full of toys, discarded wrapping paper, and cardboard boxes. Other times, it’s not so easy. And that’s when it’s the most important to count your blessings. Continue reading “Songs of My Soul: Count Your Blessings”

A Christmas Gift – Excerpt of Don’t Ask Me to Leave

Our elf is named Duke. He also sometimes helps out the Tooth Fairy when she’s overworked.

It’s almost Christmas. My children are beside themselves with excitement (we’ve already baked cookies for Santa). Thank goodness a certain elf is around to help keep them out of Santa’s treats until Sunday night.

In my original drafts of Don’t Ask Me to Leave, the novel opened in the Miller home on Christmas, with the first blended family meal. As I went through the editing process, that changed, but I ended up including a Christmas scene eventually.

As a little “Christmas gift” to blog followers, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 22 of Don’t Ask Me to Leave. Hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays to you and yours! Continue reading “A Christmas Gift – Excerpt of Don’t Ask Me to Leave”

Our Adena Ancestors in Kentucky

In Don’t Ask Me to Leave, protagonist Rachel Miller is introduced to the Adena culture via burial mounds and artifacts collected by her neighbor, Beau Samuels. The choice to include the Adena was a natural one, since it is a real part of the history of Kentucky–specifically, Montgomery County, where the novel takes place. Continue reading “Our Adena Ancestors in Kentucky”