Teaser Tuesday: The ORIGINAL Prologue of The Soldier’s Wife

Today’s “Teaser Tuesday” share is a study in revision. My students recently completed a short story, and when I wrote one alongside them, they complained that it was “too easy for me” because I am an author, and that means every story comes out perfectly the first time.

I wish.

So, today I’m sharing the original prologue that I wrote for The Soldier’s Wife, before I realized that I wanted to go a different direction and spend a little more time with some of the characters instead of being so suspenseful at the onset. Read on! Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: The ORIGINAL Prologue of The Soldier’s Wife”

Book Review: Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” Series

I recently discovered Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” series on a whim–from clicking one of those “You may also like…” recommendations on Amazon. I have really enjoyed them (thus my recommendation to you). Read on for more. Continue reading “Book Review: Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” Series”

Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave

I’m starting a new feature called “Teaser Tuesday”, where I share with you snippets of my favorite parts of my books (published and work-in-progress). I spent most of the night awake on the couch battling a terribly sore throat, which is what gave me the idea to share the scene below with you. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave”

Where Could I Go?

I’ve been struggling to think about what I want to say in response to the school shooting so close to my own town and the high school where I teach. It’s hard to put into words the rush and swirl of emotions I feel (and that I know so many others are struggling with). In October of last year, I wrote a guest blog post in reaction to the Antioch church shooting that I felt was appropriate to share with you. I’d like to share an excerpt with you  (you may read the full original post on Patti’s Porch at https://goo.gl/REoDja).

I lead what I would call a blessed life. I have two wonderful Christian parents. I have a husband who genuinely loves me and our three children, and works very hard to provide us with a comfortable life. I thoroughly enjoy my job as a teacher. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways.

But on September 24, life wasn’t so grand. That morning, a masked gunman entered a Tennessee church and opened fire on the congregants. While this certainly isn’t the first church shooting in recent history, it is one of the first that’s been within a half day’s driving distance. Continue reading “Where Could I Go?”