Midweek Update, December 15

A quick mid-week update:

Today in class, students were given the test correction packets for Jane Eyre. These must be turned in prior to Christmas Break. Test corrections are not optional; failure to do test corrections will result in a zero for the test.

I have also updated the class website with some information about January; there’s a January 2017 Calendar and other information about our January-February class novel, Brave New World. Visit the Brave New World page here: Brave New World

I will not be permitting students to read the novel on their phones due to inappropriate use of cell phones in class. Students will need a physical copy of the novel.

Also–we will be taking a hiatus from weekly vocabulary quizzes until the week of January 16 – 20.

Thank you for a wonderful first half of the year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Jane Eyre EOC-style Test

Parents/Guardians: Today in class, your child took an EOC-style exam as their final assessment for the novel Jane Eyre.

There were a few things that were notably different about today’s exam that I would like to go over with you so that you are prepared to discuss the exam with your child: Continue reading “Jane Eyre EOC-style Test”

End of December Agenda

‘Twas the week before Christmas Break,
And all through the halls,
Not a student was worried,
Not one at all.

For they knew what was happening,
In class and at home,
And they were ready, you see,
For Christmas to come.

Happy ALMOST Christmas Break week! 🙂 There’s a lot going on before we leave for the holiday, and I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. Continue reading “End of December Agenda”

Weekly Newsletter, December 5

snow“Let it snow, let it snow…” and “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” are the songs on my mind this week. On December 1, all students were given a copy of the SKILLS day assignment sheet. Please note that if we do have snow days prior to Christmas break, these days will not be SKILLS days. Obviously, if I anticipate a SKILLS day, there will be reminders sent out via e-mail, this website, and Remind. Now, on to the agenda:

Continue reading “Weekly Newsletter, December 5”