Week of October 23

This is our last full week of instruction before final exams. As a result, it’s very important that everyone stay on top of all assignments and complete work in a timely manner. Also, if you need to retake a grammar assessment, you will need to do so before the end of the trimester, as I will not be able to put in retake grades after the trimester ends.

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Week of October 2 – 6

Happy Fall Break!

Happy Pre-Fall Break! I know you are looking forward to a week off. Here’s what’s happening this week.

General School Announcements

  • Signups for the PSAT will be opened up to SOPHOMORES on the Monday after Fall Break. Please be listening to morning announcements for more information, or see Ms. Lori Vanover in the guidance office. PSAT signups are first come, first served.
  • There will be English ESS this week on Wednesday morning before school.

Pre-AP English

  • Monday – We will be beginning a collection of readings themed “War and Peace”. First, we will be reading Sophocles’ Antigone. In class on Monday, we will be introducing the backstory (including Oedipus Rex) and associated literary vocabulary.
  • Tuesday – Second period only – Second period was awarded the opportunity to have a Gothic-themed potluck as a reward for having a 100% class average on their weekly assessment. In all classes, we will be taking our second plot test and doing sign-ups for reading roles for Antigone. In the remaining time, I will meet one-on-one with students regarding essays.
  • Wednesday – Read and discuss Antigone
  • Thursday – Read and discuss Antigone
  • Friday – Weekly quiz; if necessary, we will finish Antigone. Dialectical journals are due on Friday.

This week’s vocabulary: https://quizlet.com/229092018/2017-pre-ap-vocabulary-8-flash-cards/

English 2

  •  Monday – Bell ringer, Grammar lesson #3, finish “The Seventh Man” in CR
  • Tuesday – Bell ringer, Grammar lesson #4
  • Wednesday – Bell ringer, Grammar lesson – diagramming practice
  • Thursday – Bell ringer, Grammar EXAM
  • Friday – Weekly vocabulary quiz; Discussion of Thursday’s test

IMPORTANT: ESS Schedule Changes

Please take note: due to serious funding deficits, we have had to make some drastic changes to our ESS program. There will be no enhanced learning this school year. ESS will continue as long as the budget provides for it. At this time, these are the dates for the English ESS sessions:

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