Teaser Tuesday: The ORIGINAL Prologue of The Soldier’s Wife

Today’s “Teaser Tuesday” share is a study in revision. My students recently completed a short story, and when I wrote one alongside them, they complained that it was “too easy for me” because I am an author, and that means every story comes out perfectly the first time.

I wish.

So, today I’m sharing the original prologue that I wrote for The Soldier’s Wife, before I realized that I wanted to go a different direction and spend a little more time with some of the characters instead of being so suspenseful at the onset. Read on! Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: The ORIGINAL Prologue of The Soldier’s Wife”

Book Review: Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” Series

I recently discovered Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” series on a whim–from clicking one of those “You may also like…” recommendations on Amazon. I have really enjoyed them (thus my recommendation to you). Read on for more. Continue reading “Book Review: Joy Ellis’ “On the Fens” Series”

Way Back Wednesday: Can You Hear Me Now?

One of my pet interests is history. It’s a sad fact that today’s youth don’t get exposed to nearly enough history in school (and don’t get me started on that, because as a teacher, I could give you, oh, approximately three dozen reasons why that is and how to correct that). Anywho, I love history and historical trivia. I’d like to share some tidbits of history with you! Today, on Way Back Wednesday, let’s talk about the history of the telephone. Continue reading “Way Back Wednesday: Can You Hear Me Now?”

Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave

I’m starting a new feature called “Teaser Tuesday”, where I share with you snippets of my favorite parts of my books (published and work-in-progress). I spent most of the night awake on the couch battling a terribly sore throat, which is what gave me the idea to share the scene below with you. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: Don’t Ask Me to Leave”