The Stain

Last evening, I had one of those parenting moments that gives you pause. At school, I’d call it a “teachable moment”. My living room was a jumble of noise. The oldest was practicing his guitar with the amp a little too loud. The middle child was playing a game on his Kindle, and my daughter […]

Adventures in History

Today, I spent part of the afternoon traveling around Mt. Sterling with my family, trying to get photos of some locations mentioned in Don’t Ask Me to Leave. Unfortunately, a few of the locations were closed…one for good! We did manage to get a milkshake at Berryman’s Tasty Treat.

Happy Birthday, USA

We just finished one of the wettest Fourth of July holidays I can remember, with inches of rain and flooding forcing us to stay indoors. Since I spent the day working on revisions for Don’t Ask, I thought I’d share some Happy Birthday wishes to the USA and to the character of Olivia Miller, who […]