Don't Ask Me to Leave

Newlywed Rachel Miller has everything she could want from life—the perfect husband, her dream job, and a cute little house in the country—but the daydream is shattered when her husband is killed in a tragic accident. Her mother-in-law, Nadine, takes her in as she tries to pick up the pieces, and their handsome neighbor Beau is willing to help…if Rachel will let him. Does she dare open her heart for a second chance at love?

Don't Ask Me to Leave is a modern retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. It is set in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, and features many local landmarks and businesses.

Meet the Characters


Don't Ask Me to Leave is available for purchase via your favorite online retailers, including Amazon, in digital and print formats.

What Others Are Saying...

Don't Ask Me to Leave grabs the reader's attention quickly and sends you on an emotional journey with some unexpected turns. I cried, laughed, and smiled. A credit to the Christian fiction genre, Clark weaves a modern tale of Ruth and Naomi with her characters Rachel, Nadine and Beau. Overall, the story is not so dense that it can't be enjoyed at the beach or on a weekend away. While this may be Clark's first published novel, this is certainly not the work of a novice author. If you are like me and tend to be very loyal to tried and true authors, it is worth branching out for this one! If you enjoy other Christian authors like Dee Henderson, Deeanne Gist, and Wanda Brunstetter, give this book a chance and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

I really enjoyed it. I could hardly put it down! Enjoyed the modern day twist to the story of Ruth.

I appreciate the way this author wove history, faith, and an enduring love story together. This is a beautiful telling of the story of Ruth and Naomi for modern times. However, if someone does not have a background in the church, this would still be a beautiful love story and intriguing read. The examples of pure faith and devotion for the characters while enduring incredible tragedy is inspirational for readers from all walks of life. With her descriptive language and detailed writing, she brings the characters and city of Mt. Sterling to life. I truly enjoyed the book; it brought me to tears more than once. This is an excellent read, highly recommended for anyone that appreciates the idea that love conquers all. I look forward to more enjoyable readings from Micki Clark.

Clark leaves the reader feeling Rachel’s anger, pain, and loneliness all while visions of each historical mound and monument play as if watching on screen. Rachel experienced firsthand the fact that life doesn’t always send you roses and chocolates. However, Clark portrays throughout the entire story that nothing is impossible with God. I highly recommend Don’t Ask Me to Leave – easy read and full of emotion, faith, and romance. Enjoyed every word!