Study Island

Instructions for Access


  • Visit Choose the login on the RIGHT. Study Island for Home (the link on the left) is more for homeschooling and parent tutoring.
  • Your username is first.last.hopkins
  • Contact me if you have forgotten your password

To find a specific assignment, click on “My Classes” on the left side under the avatar picture (for most of you, that’s a gray person shape).

If you need to redo a bell ringer assignment, scroll down to Language Arts and choose the top category (Kentucky End-of-Course English II).

First Trimester Study Island Assignments

  • Diagnostic Test
  • Introducing and Closing Topics (SIBR 1)
  • Supplying and Developing Evidence (SIBR2)
  • Capitalization (SIBR3)
  • Verb Tense
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Active and Passive Voice (SIBR4)
  • Punctuation (SIBR5)
  • Commonly Confused Words (SIBR6)