Monday Musings: The Soldier’s Wife

Good morning! Happy Monday! Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the progress on my next novel, currently titled The Soldier’s Wife.

The Soldier’s Wife, like Don’t Ask Me to Leave, is a modern adaptation of a Biblical story. In The Soldier’s Wife, I plan to examine the relationship dynamic of David, Bathsheba and Uriah.

 We don’t spend much time in Bible classes talking about Bathsheba; we focus mostly on David. If we do talk about her, we tend to be very negative. She’s generally viewed as a loose woman, free with her favors.

But is that fair?

When I think of Bathsheba, I feel terribly sorry for her. I can’t imagine the position she was in. It’s really easy to judge and say “I would never”, but we can’t truly know. Had she said no to the king, she was facing almost certain execution. While it’s easy to say we would do the right thing, I’d wager many of us would choose to save our own skins.

And then, after she did submit to David, she had one loss after another. Uriah was killed in battle, which surely affected her. Then, after a pregnancy that was most likely unwanted, she lost her infant child.

Bathsheba had a lot of sorrow to overcome in a very short while.

When I thought about her story, I can easily see it occurring in the present (even if we don’t necessarily have kings running around the United States forcing women to bend to their every whim).

I’m about eight chapters in to the rough draft now; it’s slower going than I’d like, but this is a busy time at work (and those paying gigs do come first). If you’d like to join my preview group and read the sneak peek, please let me know and I’ll send you an invite to the Facebook group.

Have a blessed day!

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