Critical Thinking Bell Ringers

Hello, parents. I just wanted to give you a quick update on a new bell ringer that we will be doing in Pre-AP English classes. We may eventually add these into the regular classes as we have time.

Before the break, as I analyzed test data, I noticed a trend. Students do not perform well on critical reading/thinking questions–whether it’s on the CERT, on the ACT, or on a classroom assessment. I spent some time thinking, and I’ve come up with a strategy that I hope will be helpful.

I enjoy doing logic puzzles, and as I was doing them in the car on the way back from my Christmas trip, I realized that logic puzzles are critical reading. It’s a fun and different way to engage that part of their brains and hopefully “trip the switch” that teaches them to read and analyze data differently.

Today in class, I led them through the process of solving a logic puzzle.  The first few puzzles we will solve together. After a few weeks, the students should be able to solve independently. Ideally, we’ll see a change in their test data for critical reading.

If you would like to offer additional practice, you can buy logic problem books at local bookstores and other sellers (for example, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.)

strongly recommend that students planning to major in careers that will require a graduate degree consider spending time practicing logic problems. It will be very helpful on the graduate entrance exam!

In the Classroom:

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