December Book Review: Dead Broke

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an avid reader. I devour a ridiculous number of books a year. Goodreads tells me that I read 196 electronically so far this year. That doesn’t count the ones I read in print (or that I re-read). So, I thought I’d start sharing with you some reviews of my discoveries.

This month, I’m reviewing Dead Broke, by Linda Fulkerson. Find it on Amazon here.

So, I should explain–I love mysteries and thrillers. What sometimes frustrates me, though, is that mysteries and thrillers can be suuuuuuper inappropriate. I don’t like having them auto-download to my Kindle, because I don’t want my kids to read some of the things in there, and there are several novels that I routinely have to skip ahead a few pages. I didn’t have to do that.

Fulkerson’s protagonist, Andrea Warren (call her Andy) has a fun sense of humor and just the right amount of self-deprecation.

“Some girls get perfect teeth and cute button noses from their moms. I got green eyes, freckles, and enough hair for three more heads.” – Dead Broke

Like most protagonists in the genre, Andy is operating on a shoestring budget, but it’s believable. She’s a photographer in a digital world, where anybody with an iPhone fancies themselves a pro.

There’s just the right mix of characters in the novel; as a reader, you’re not sure whom to trust until almost the very end (and even then, you find yourself wondering if there will be another twist). The story never felt predictable or contrived, and it was a truly pleasant read (and one that I don’t have to worry about showing up on my family’s devices).

I can’t wait to see what she has in store next for Andy. You can get your own copy from Amazon ($3.99 Kindle, $11.99 print), and find out more about her on her website,

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