SKILLS Days 2017-2018

In the event of inclement weather or other school cancellations, Hopkins County has opted to participate in Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI). Here’s more information about our SKILLS day assignments.

Sophomores will complete SKILLS day assignments via Study Island. Here are general instructions that you may use, should a SKILLS day occur.

Login Instructions:
1. Open a web browser to this address:
a. Click on the Orange “Login” button at the top right
b. Then click on the Orange “Login” button under “Study Island for Schools”

To Complete an Assignment:
1. On the left side of the screen, click the words “My Classes” in the blue box.
2. On the next screen, choose our class from the classes displayed. Some of you might have classes from last school
year on there.
3. Click on the Green “View Assignments” button.
4. The list of available assignments is shown. Click on the Green Arrow above “Start.”
5. You will then be taken to the assignment where you will have ten (10) questions to answer.
6. Once you get to the last question, please make sure that you click on “Turn in Test” in the top right-hand corner.
a. Study Island uses the term “test,” but consider this a worksheet you are completing for class.
7. You will then be shown the results of your answers. You can then click the “Return” Button or the “My Classes”
button to complete assignments for your other classes.
8. If you have problems:

a. Option 1: click the “Message Teacher” button. This will send your teacher a message that they will see the next time they log in to Study Island.
b. Option 2 (better option): Contact your teacher via e-mail, Remind or Google Classroom.

Study Island Topics:
 SKILLS Day Number One: Characters
 SKILLS Day Number Two: Plot
 SKILLS Day Number Three: Setting
 SKILLS Day Number Four: Pronouns
 SKILLS Day Number Five: Adjectives & Adverbs
 SKILLS Day Number Six: Figurative Meanings
 SKILLS Day Number Seven: Literary Forms
 SKILLS Day Number Eight: Subject/Verb Agreement
 SKILLS Day Number Nine: Capitalization

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