Exhaustion is a Blessing

Y’all, I’m tired. Like, stupid things are coming out of my mouth, running into objects, falling asleep during conversations tired. One night this week, I was dropping off on the couch by about 7:30, fighting to stay awake to watch a movie with my husband (which I did, sort of, although a few plot details are a bit, um, vague). And here I am, getting ready for a day of work, wondering if I have enough steam in my engine to get it accomplished. And you know what? I am so blessed.

This is a big week for me, personally and professionally. I have so much going on everywhere that it would be easy to just toss up my hands and let the chips fall where they may. It would be just as easy to start complaining about how busy I am, and how tired I am, and how I just want everything to slow down.

But I’m blessed. I’m busy because I’ve chosen to be.

There are so many people that would give their all to be where I am right now. I remember a few years ago seeing someone post on Facebook and complaining about how many hours her delivery driver husband was working and seeing another friend commenting (privately on another friend’s wall) that she wished her husband had a job so she could complain about how much he worked.

Y’all, it’s all about perspective.

I am so thankful for my busy, crazy life. I’m thankful for a job that provides for my family. I’m thankful that my children are healthy enough to play sports–because when they were premature infants, that wasn’t a certainty. I’m thankful for my hobbies and novels that keep my mind sharp, even if they do cut into my free time sometimes.

It’s difficult sometimes at Christmas to pause and really be thankful instead of being harried about how much we have to do and buy and think and feel, but it’s definitely worth it to stop and count our blessings.

How have you been blessed?

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