Grammar Assessment #3

I just wanted to have a quick word with you about the third grammar test (given 10/25/17).

The grades today have not been what I would have hoped for. In fact, the majority of students have made very low Fs (below 40%).

Let me break that down for you and I think you’ll see my concern.

The first 20 questions are theĀ exact same questions as the second grammar test. They are multiple choice definitions of the parts of speech and parts of a sentence (so a noun is a person, place, thing or idea). This is basic vocabulary that students have learned since elementary school–everyone should have made 20/20 on this section.

The next ten questions were taken directly from worksheets that were done in class last week. The sentences on the test were also the same sentences that were on the study guide; the only sentence that was not on the study guide was an extra credit question.

Finally, the sentences for diagramming were the exact same sentences that were on the study guide.

Students are not studying for these exams. The grade disparity on this exam is glaring. For example, in first period, there were five students that made an A. Of the thirteen other students that took the exam, only one made a grade higher than a 60%. In second period, fourteen students did not pass. Five students made a high B or an A.

Please encourage your child to study tonight and retake the exam tomorrow. I take the highest grade, but if they don’t study, a retake is pointless.


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