Important Update: October 17

There are a few important reminders I need to share with students (mostly for those in Pre-AP English):

  1. The only date left for English ESS in October is tomorrow, October 18, before school.
  2. Pre-AP: DO NOT FORGET to keep referring back to your novel unit guides for instructions about upcoming due dates and assignments! We have several large grades due in the following weeks, and you won’t be able to turn these in late due to the end of the trimester.
  3. Pre-AP: Instructions for the presentation SLIDESHOW are in your unit packet. I will be using those instructions as your grading rubric; please follow them closely.
  4. Pre-AP: The MAJOR WORKS DATA SHEET is due October 27. A blank template has been posted for you on Google Classroom. You will need to create a copy of the template so that you may edit it and put in your own responses. If you are working in a group, only one person needs to create a copy of the template. You may then share that copy with the others in your group.
  5. Pre-AP: The SOAPSTone is also due on October 27. A template has been posted for you on Google Classroom.
  6. Pre-AP: We will be in the computer lab on October 24 to allow you time to work on these assignments in class. Anything you do not complete in class that day will need to be taken care of on your own time.

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