Week of September 18

We are quickly approaching midterm. Remember that grade reports are distributed in my class every Monday; check your grades and stay on top of things!

In this post:

  • General School Announcements
  • Weekly Agenda
  • Vocabulary

General School Announcements

  • Congratulations to Kyle Bratcher and Sophie Metheny on their crowning Friday night at the football game. Congratulations also to our football team on their amazing win. Quite the performance!
  • School pictures will be taken during English class on Friday, September 22.
  • We should finally have our class t-shirts in hand soon! The company released the order for printing last week, so I hope to pick them up any day now. Shirts will be distributed in advisory.

Weekly Agendas

In Pre-AP English this week:

  • Monday – Bell ringer (response to music), mini lesson on infinitives and participial phrases, reading in anthology (body image readings #1 and #2). Time to work on study guide/ask questions
  • Tuesday – Bell ringer (grammar), plot test #1. If time, mini lesson on prepositional phrases.
  • Wednesday – Bell ringer (idioms/euphemisms), reading in anthology (body image readings #3, #4, and #5). Review time for second grammar exam.
  • Thursday – Bell ringer (allusion). Grammar exam #2. Remainder of time will be given to students to complete dialectical journals (due tomorrow)
  • Friday – Vocabulary quiz. School picture day. If time, we will review on-demand writing strategies.

In Regular English this week:

  • Monday – Bell ringer (response to music) – read Scene 2/3 of Antigone & answer questions
  • Tuesday – Bell ringer (grammar) – read Scene 4/5 of Antigone and answer questions
  • Wednesday – Bell ringer (idioms/euphemisms) – review of Antigone
  • Thursday – Bell ringer (allusion) – Antigone unit test
  • Friday – Vocabulary quiz. School picture day. With remaining time, students will finish what they did not already finish on Antigone comic strips.


Pre-AP Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_3pq3za

Word list:

  1. Calumny
  2. Camaraderie
  3. Candor
  4. Capitulate
  5. Carouse
  6. Carp
  7. Caucus
  8. Cavort
  9. Circumlocution
  10. Circumscribe

Regular English Quizlet and list of words will be added when I have them.

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