Week of August 28

Last week was a great week. Monday, we’ll be starting off with returned work and current grade reports in all classes. Here’s a look at what else you can expect this week.

  • General School Announcements
  • Pre-AP Agenda & Information
  • Regular English Agenda & Information
  • Links to Resources

General School Announcements

Please support our MNHHS teams and clubs! This week, volleyball has a game Tuesday, girls’ soccer plays Thursday, and the football team’s hall of fame game is Friday night.

Pre-AP Agenda & Information

Due to bus evacuations, the lockdown drill, and other interruptions, I’ve rescheduled the grammar quiz from Friday of last week to this Friday (9/1). As a result, that shifts a few other things around from the schedule you were given earlier.

– Monday – bell ringer, followed by the wrap-up of our grammar lessons. You will receive a study guide in class. Please use it to prepare for the quiz on 9/1.

– Tuesday – bell ringer; rhetoric and rhetorical strategies lesson. You will need to take notes (we’ll learn a lot of new terminology).

– Wednesday – bell ringer; finish the rhetoric lesson from Tuesday.

– Thursday – bell ringer; introduction to SOAPSTone method (please bring your copy of East of Eden)

– Friday – time to review. We will have our regular weekly vocabulary quiz and then our grammar quiz. You must score an 80% or above on the grammar quiz.

Vocabulary words for the week of August 28: https://quizlet.com/_3mndzg

    1. Ambivalent
    2. Amenable
    3. Amorphous
    4. Anachronistic
    5. Anathema
    6. Annex
    7. Antideluvian
    8. Antiseptic
    9. Antithesis
    10. Apathetic

Prefixes of the week:
Agri, agro – relating to fields or soil

Regular English 2 Agenda & Information

At this time, I do not have the vocabulary for regular English. When I have that list, I will update this post with the information. Here’s our class agenda:

– Monday – bell ringer. Students will receive and look up the vocabulary words. We will complete our activities with “The Necklace”, including a close reading worksheet and our plot diagram.

– Tuesday – bell ringer. We will read and discuss the short story “Harrison Bergeron”, by Kurt Vonnegut.

– Wednesday – bell ringer. We will perform a Layers of Reading analysis on “Harrison Bergeron” to identify the theme(s).

– Thursday – bell ringer. You will receive a study guide for the short story unit test and we’ll also spend time reviewing for the vocabulary quiz.

– Friday – you’ll have a few minutes to review, and then we’ll take the vocabulary quiz. When you finish the vocabulary quiz, you will be given the short story unit test.

Links & Additional Resources

One good location for additional study resources is Quizlet. You can send a request to be added to the class Quizlets here:

Pre-AP: https://quizlet.com/join/jsGdSywpP

English 2: https://quizlet.com/join/M5kQSMYgg

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