Week of August 14

Here’s an overview of what’s in this week’s newsletter:

Screenshot from East of Eden film
  • General School Announcements
  • Pre-AP Agenda
  • Regular Agenda
  • This week’s vocabulary
  • Links to Important Resources

General School Announcements

School t-shirts may be ordered through August 18. No order forms will be accepted after this date. You may download order forms by clicking this link: MNHHS Class Shirts

Bus evacuations will be held August 18. Please dress accordingly.

Pre-AP Agenda

Monday 8/14 – Bell ringer, Archetypes lesson (https://prezi.com/odptobmgr4ld/2014-understanding-archetypes/).

Tuesday 8/15 – Meet in Computer Lab (rm 26). Bell ringer, SUMMER READING TEST, sign in to Google Classroom.

Wednesday 8/16 – Meet in Computer Lab (rm 26). Bell ringer, Discussion of East of Eden, working on MWDS

Thursday 8/17 – Meet in Computer Lab (rm 26). Bell ringer, continue East of Eden MWDS

Friday 8/18 – Review time for quiz. Bell ringer/vocabulary QUIZ. If necessary, finish East of Eden.

Regular English Agenda

Monday 8/14 – Bell ringer, diagnostic test

Tuesday 8/15 – Meet in Computer Lab (rm 26). Bell ringer, sign-in to various school accounts

Wednesday 8/16 – Bell ringer, mini-lesson on Plot, Read “What, of this Goldfish”

Thursday 8/17 – Bell ringer, review vocabulary, answer questions on “Goldfish”

Friday 8/18 – Study time for quiz, Bell ringer/vocabulary QUIZ. Close reader “The Wife’s Story”

Vocabulary of the Week

Pre-AP list and Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_3kxos8

  1. Abject
  2. Aberration
  3. Abjure
  4. Abnegation
  5. Abrogate
  6. Abscond
  7. Abstruse
  8. Accede
  9. Accost
  10. Accretion

This week’s prefixes:

  •  A-, An- without, not
  • Ab- away from

Regular list and Quizlet:

Links to Important Resources

Google Classroom will be utilized heavily this year. Parents who wish to receive view-only rights may e-mail me. Students will use the following join codes to sign up at http://classroom.google.com:

  • First period – v8n8cbu
  • Second period – yxgbezt
  • Third period – t4kkrgs
  • Fourth period – upn5rou
  • Sixth period – 263vwvd

Remind text messaging is also beneficial. To join remind, simply text the appropriate join code to 81010. Standard messaging rates apply.

  • Pre-AP Students – @2017pre
  • Regular Students – @eng2msc
  • Parent Contact – @mscparent
  • MNHHS Students – @mnhhss

Supply list for BOTH English classes:

  1. One two-pocket folder
  2. A  three-ring binder, no smaller than one inch *I recommend 1 1/2 to 2 inches
  3. One set of section dividers for three ring binder
  4. Multi-pack of highlighters (at least four different colors—preferably five)
  5. Pens, pencils, & notebook paper
  6. Colored Pencils

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