The Way to a Man’s Heart

One of the common motifs in Don’t Ask Me to Leave is food. Nadine loves to bake pastries and pies, and she’s an excellent cook. In fact, Beau and Rachel’s first “date” centers around homemade pizza and a movie.

So, why all of the food “stuff”?

Well, there’s a reason that we have the proverb “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. We all find comfort in food, and men are certainly no exception. However, there’s more to it than that.

When Rachel is floundering for a way to find herself after the death of her husband, she steps into the kitchen with her mother-in-law. For many people, working in the kitchen is soothing and comforting. I love working with my children in the kitchen, especially when we are making a treat.

As far as the homemade pizza goes, well, that idea came from two places. When my husband and I were dating, I was the only girl in our group of college friends. There were several times that the guys would all go Krogering and come back and I’d make them something in the dorm kitchen. One of the easiest things to make and customize for a large group of people (especially guys) is pizza, because you can spread the toppings out.

Joseph and I still like to make homemade pizza together. I buy the Chef Boyardee crust mix, stir in some herbs and spices, and bake the crust for ten minutes or so before we load it up with toppings and slide it back in the oven.  The kids love to help “make” dinner, and our pizzas are often much more filling and tasty than if we’d bought them somewhere else. Our last pizza was a barbecue pork and onion pizza…delish.

Are you someone who finds comfort in your kitchen? What do you like to serve up for your loved ones?

Micki S. Clark is the author of Don’t Ask Me to Leave, a modern retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.

Newlywed Rachel Miller has everything she could want from life—the perfect husband, her dream job, and a cute little house in the country—but the daydream is shattered when her husband is killed in a tragic accident. Her mother-in-law, Nadine, takes her in as she tries to pick up the pieces, and their handsome neighbor Beau is willing to help…if Rachel will let him. Does she dare open her heart for a second chance at love?

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