I have a secret… (clue #1)

Shhhh… I have a secret!

Confession: I am horrible at keeping secrets. I’m about to burst keeping this one.

Since I’m dying to tell, I thought that I’d just trickle the secret out little by little. Your clue for today is “mound”.

Now, mound can mean a lot of things. For some of you, “Mounds” is a candy bar. I’m not that big on coconut, though–so it’s kind of a candy bar in name only for me.

And those of you that have read Don’t Ask Me to Leave know that one of the featured locations in the novel is the Gaitskill Mound. Beau and Rachel spend a lot of time talking about the different mounds excavated during the 1930s… but that’s not the mound in the clue, either.

Can you guess what my secret is that involves the word “mound”?

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