Meet the Characters: "Princess" Olivia

Olivia Miller would hate the phrase “last but not least”–she’d prefer I tell you that I “saved the best for last”. Be that as it may, now that you’ve met Rachel, BeauNadine, Eli, and the twins, it’s time to introduce you to the one and only “Princess” Olivia.

Bree Turner (Tina, from Bring It On Again), my inspiration for Olivia

There’s really no “nice” way to describe Olivia, but I suppose you might try and call her “high maintenance”. She’s a young woman that is *very* used to getting things exactly her way and in a timely fashion to boot.

Her social life is very important–so much so that she neglects everything and everyone else, often accidentally “forgetting” one social arrangement in favor of attending something more high profile or entertaining. She’s a pleasure-seeker above all.

At her core, Olivia is very childlike. She’s used to instant gratification and hasn’t had to experience much of life’s harsh realities–unlike her sister-in-law Rachel. In fact, that’s part of why they butt heads so frequently. Rachel has a hard time stomaching someone whose biggest concern in life is the color of her curtains. Will they ever get along?

A Brief Synopsis:

BEAU SAMUELS has everything he could want from life—everything except the woman he loves. He carries a torch for his best friend’s wife, but his noble heart will not allow him to come between what God has joined together.

RACHEL MILLER has no idea of his attraction; she’s too preoccupied with her joy at leaving her orphaned childhood behind for a life at the center of her new family and settling down in the rolling hills of Kentucky for a long and happy marriage to David, her very own Prince Charming.

Rachel’s storybook life takes a dramatic turn when her father-in-law, Eli, succumbs to a brutal heart attack.  Days later, her husband and brother-in-law are killed in a horrific traffic accident. Her nascent faith falters as she blames God for ripping her happiness away. But NADINE MILLER, her mother-in-law, believes that God has a plan. She encourages Rachel to work through their shared grief and understand what He has in store.

Will Rachel be able to move past her pain and face her uncertain future? Will Beau be able to convince Rachel to open her heart again? Only time will tell…

Don’t Ask Me to Leave goes on pre-order February 17 on Amazon.

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