Week of February 6

It’s Friday (or almost, as I type this). Here’s a look ahead to what’s happening next week and a few days past:

MONDAY, February 6

  • ACT English practice bell ringer
  • Discussion of reading guide #6
  • Discussion of passages for EOC-style BNW test (2/9/17)

TUESDAY, February 7

  • ACT English practice bell ringer
  • Reading Quiz #6, reading guide #6 due
  • Begin watching The Great Dictator (fill out sheet as you watch)

WEDNESDAY, February 8

  • ACT English practice bell ringer
  • Continue watching The Great Dictator

THURSDAY, February 9

  • ACT English practice bell ringer
  • Take Brave New World EOC-style test
  • Continue watching The Great Dictator

FRIDAY, February 10

  • Vocabulary #18 Quiz; pass out Vocabulary #19
  • Take Julius Caesar anticipatory exam (completion grade)
  • Finish movie if necessary


  • To receive 10 extra credit points to be applied to your category of need, turn in your second trimester project no later than 2/13 during class. You cannot receive the extra credit if you turn in your project after class.
  • Enhanced learning for the second trimester is tentatively set for 2/13 and 2/14. Please make plans now to attend.
  • Ms. Moore will soon be beginning her solo week of instruction. In preparation for this, she will be taking over more and more in the next few days. One of the first differences students will see is a new seating chart. I am very appreciative of students’ good behavior toward Ms. Moore! I know she appreciates that as well. You all are awesome. 🙂
  • Speaking of awesome, I also want to brag on your good behavior on the field trip to the tech center on 2/2. I heard several good comments about my classes from the instructors at HCCTC. STUDENTS: Don’t forget to complete the survey (http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QMKHVKW/) within the next day or so.

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