Music & Writing: Barbara Ann

Music is a large part of my life. It always has been, from the moments that I was a very small child singing hymns at the top of my lungs (not necessarily at church, either). So, it’s only natural that music should also play a large role in writing for me.

Music helps me focus when I write, but music also provides me with inspiration. Currently, I’m working on a manuscript (The Soldier’s Wife). I was looking for a name that started with “B”, and I hit on Barbara. I didn’t really like the name Barbara, though, because I didn’t feel like it fit the emotional maturity of my character. And then it hit me… Barbara Ann.

It wasn’t too long ago that I first introduced my kids to Barbara Ann and the Duke of Earl (and several other “characters” from the sixties and seventies). And it was Barbara Ann that gave me the inspiration.

My character became Barbara Ann, who prefers to be called Annie, the pet nickname her beloved grandfather gave her as a child. Annie “fits” the character in a way that Barbara never could. It’s a perfect combo, because it also illustrates the struggle that Annie has with her old and new life.

Where do you find inspiration in life?

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A Brief Synopsis:

BEAU SAMUELS has everything he could want from life—everything except the woman he loves. He carries a torch for his best friend’s wife, but his noble heart will not allow him to come between what God has joined together.

RACHEL MILLER has no idea of his attraction; she’s too preoccupied with her joy at leaving her orphaned childhood behind for a life at the center of her new family and settling down in the rolling hills of Kentucky for a long and happy marriage to David, her very own Prince Charming.

Rachel’s storybook life takes a dramatic turn when her father-in-law, Eli, succumbs to a brutal heart attack.  Days later, her husband and brother-in-law are killed in a horrific traffic accident. Her nascent faith falters as she blames God for ripping her happiness away. But NADINE MILLER, her mother-in-law, believes that God has a plan. She encourages Rachel to work through their shared grief and understand what He has in store.

Will Rachel be able to move past her pain and face her uncertain future? Will Beau be able to convince Rachel to open her heart again? Only time will tell…

Don’t Ask Me to Leave goes on pre-order February 16 on Amazon.

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