Week of January 30

Lots of information in this week’s update. I have divided information into sections to help ensure that you don’t miss anything. Included this week:

  • Field Trip Information
  • PressPoint Deadline Nearing
  • Weekly Agenda

Field Trip Information

We will be going on a trip to the Hopkins County Career and Tech Center on Thursday, February 2. These are the pink permission slips, and must be turned in by TUESDAY, January 31. All of my students will be going on the morning trip and will return to school for lunch.

We will be going on a trip to the Glema Center on March 24. These are the white permission slips, and must be turned in by February 1. We will leave around 8:30 AM and will return to school for lunch.

PressPoint Submission Deadline Nearing

PressPoint is a journal of creativity by students, age 18 and under, in the Hopkins County School System.  Submissions are accepted annually via email or by the convenient online form submission feature.  Please send all submissions labeled with your full name, school name, grade, and current language arts teacher’s name.

We seek original submissions that are bold, unique, and highly detailed.  We encourage all ages to submit work.  A review panel will select pieces for publication and a copy of the publication will be provided to those whose work is published.

Send only original work to (include your name, grade, school, Language Arts teacher, your contact information, and a title of the piece):  kathy.carver@hopkins.kyschools.us

Subject line:  PressPoint

Deadline this year:  February 1, 2017

Weekly Agenda

Please note that there are some changes to our schedule. This is the most current information.

Monday – EOC bell ringer, Brave New World Quiz #3, receive reading guide #4, watch video clip from Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin)

Tuesday – EOC bell ringer, benchmark mini in groups (#14 – 19), discussion of reading guide #4, pass out reading guide #5

Wednesday – EOC bell ringer, Quiz #4 Brave New World, benchmark mini in groups (#20 – 25), if time permits, Kahoot!

Thursday – NO AM CLASSES due to field trip. PM classes: EOC bell ringer, time to read and work on reading guide

Friday – EOC bell ringer, vocab quiz #17, Brave New World Quiz #5, receive final reading guide and vocab #18

Need a copy of a reading guide? Click here

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