"Casting Call": The Soldier's Wife

I recently spent some time hammering out a plot outline for my new project, The Soldier’s Wife, and tonight was spent in image searches to “cast” the novel so I have a visual reference for each character. I can’t wait to spend time with these fine folks…

As Barbara Ann: Jamie Ray Newman

The character of Barbara Ann is adapted from the Biblical Bathsheba, and the novel follows her path. Can she ever atone for all that she’s done, or is she doomed to lasting unhappiness for a single night’s sin?


As Ryan: Hugh Jackman

Ryan is a hardworking man, a soldier that returned from a difficult tour overseas with lots of extra baggage. He loves his wife and he loves his country, but he’s having difficulty settling back in to the civilian routines Barbara’s used to. He doesn’t mean to fight with her, but somehow it keeps happening.


As Nathan Ballard: Ian McKellen

Retired counselor Nathan Ballard enters Barbara’s life at a critical moment. He’s time-worn and seasoned, and he has seen many others struggle through the burdens Barbara is carrying. He thinks he can save her from herself, if she will only let him.

As David Klingman: Henry Cavill

Real estate baron David Klingman has risen to the top of his corporation. His piercing blue eyes seem to look right through Barbara, as if they see something that everyone else has always missed. He knows she’s The Soldier’s Wife, but he can’t help but want her for his very own…

As The Diner Waiter/Waitress… YOU!

There’s one “uncast” character as of yet. Facebook Fans can win the chance to be written in as a character in The Soldier’s Wife by SHARING and COMMENTING on this post: https://www.facebook.com/authormickisclark/posts/1488143624546441. On February 16, the day that Don’t Ask Me to Leave goes on pre-order, I will choose a winner at random. Could it be you?

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