Brave New World Introductory Notes

Several of you were finishing a test and missed the notes that Ms. Moore gave this morning. I am pasting those notes below.

Aldous Huxley

    • Born in 1894
    • Godalming, United Kingdom
    • Huxley’s grandfather was biologist and naturalist T.H. Huxley, an early proponent of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution
    • Huxley’s brothers would both become accomplished biologists
    • Huxley wanted to go into the science field
    • When he was only 16 he became ill with keratitis and became partially blind
    • Attended Oxford where he began writing poetry
    • Moved on to writing satirical novels
    • Published in 1932
    • Life in Brave New World was influenced by Huxley’s growing anxieties about the direction of political, social, and scientific progress
    • Huxley was able to foretell the future in the areas of political, social, and scientific progress that were as much as 50 years away
    • Set in London in 2540, the 7th century After Ford
    • Babies are genetically engineered and produced on assembly lines, people are divided significantly (Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons), and unhappiness is ‘fixed’ with advertising, medication, and entertainment
    • The Great Depression is going on
    • Ford Model Y and Ford Koln is first produced
    • People began buying cars on credit since they could not actually afford them, leading to debt
    • The flapper woman continued to thrive in society
    • Hitler ran for president of Germany
    • Ivan Pavlov dies 4 years later

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