End of December Agenda

‘Twas the week before Christmas Break,
And all through the halls,
Not a student was worried,
Not one at all.

For they knew what was happening,
In class and at home,
And they were ready, you see,
For Christmas to come.

Happy ALMOST Christmas Break week! 🙂 There’s a lot going on before we leave for the holiday, and I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

Should we have a snow day, we will just bump the schedule one day (or two, or three, or however many snow days we have). So, if it snows on Tuesday, that means Tuesday’s activities will move to Wednesday. This doesn’t necessarily apply in the future, but I’ve planned this week specifically in case of snow.

So, here’s our plan for the week:

  • Monday – Amnesty Day – Students will be given a chance in class to retake quizzes, do make up work, etc. to raise their grades. I will have computers for students that need to do Study Island assignments.
  • Tuesday – Review of Jane Eyre. Presentation of essay topics for Thursday.
  • Wednesday – Jane Eyre EOC-style test.
  • Thursday – Jane Eyre timed essay
  • Friday – Vocabulary Quiz 14; begin watching Jane Eyre
  • Monday – Continue watching Jane Eyre
  • Tuesday – Finish watching Jane Eyre

Don’t forget that after Christmas Break, students will need a copy of Brave New World. I prefer paper copies–using cell phones to read is not working (students are becoming distracted by notifications and texts).


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