Missing Assignments & ZAP

As I have been grading assignments today, I have noticed an alarming number of missing assignments. I want to clarify a few questions that have been raised about grading, ZAP, and Infinite Campus. Please note that some of these policies are specific to my class.

Q: I forgot to turn in an assignment. What do I do?

A: Any late work should be placed into the box lid marked LATE WORK on the table in the front of the classroom. Do not place it in the turn in tray, as this may delay the grading.

Q: I think turned in an assignment that you’ve marked missing. Where can I go to look for it?

A: First, check the no name wall. There are currently twelve assignments just sitting in the folders (some that have been there since the first week of the trimester). Second, check the turn-in tray above and below yours to see if perhaps you put it in the wrong class. Third, check the returned work crate. If you’ve checked all three places and still don’t see it, come see me.

Q: I did a Study Island I was missing/I redid a Study Island that had a low grade. You haven’t changed the grade. What do I do?

A: Did you turn in a Study Island grade change form? If not, get one from the bottom right bin of the turn-in tray (they are bright green half-sheets of paper) and fill it out. Place in your class’s bin of the turn-in tray.

Q: I am missing an assignment, quiz, or test right now. Will you ZAP me?

A: There is no ZAP this week. If you have any zeroes as of Friday, December 2, yes, you will be placed in ZAP on Monday, December 5. The only way you will be removed from the list is if you turn in the work prior to the start of first period Monday morning. I will be typing names on the list after school on the 2nd.

Q: I have a Get Out of ZAP free pass that I earned. How does that work?

A: You can use the pass to get out of ONE ZAP assignment for my class only. Please note that this does NOT excuse you from doing the assignment–it just gets you out of one detention. If you don’t turn in the assignment, you’ll still have a zero, and if there are additional ZAP detentions remaining in the week, you’ll still be in ZAP.

Q: If I get ZAP on a Monday, will I have ZAP every day that week?

A: No. If you are in ZAP on Monday but turn the assignment in Monday, I’ll remove you from the list. There will be no ZAP on Thursdays and Fridays.

Q: You marked an assignment as “turned in” but there’s no grade in Infinite Campus. What do I do?

A: There’s nothing wrong. I’ve simply marked that you did in fact turn in the assignment. I will go back in and update the grade after I have completed grading your class’s assignments. I usually do this when I have a large stack of grading. As assignments come in, I alphabetize them and clip them together by class–flagging them this way gives students who forgot to turn the assignment in a heads up that I still need their work.

Q: You marked an assignment as “late” in Infinite Campus. How much of a penalty is this?

A: The “late” flag automatically turns on when I enter a grade for a previously missing assignment. It does not affect the calculation of points in any way–it simply is a notification to the student, teacher, and parent that the assignment was not turned in on time.

Q: Some teachers don’t use the flags. Is this a problem? Should I be concerned?

img_6745A: No. It’s a matter of personal preference–many teachers don’t use any flags, and some teachers only use certain flags. I color code my paper grade book to help me keep track of entered grades. Assignments that are turned in on time are highlighted yellow when I have them entered in Infinite Campus. I highlight cells with a missing grade in blue. When the missing assignment is turned in, I color the cell in yellow so it looks green. Then, when I am checking Infinite Campus, I can quickly scan the columns and be sure that everyone’s grade is completely correct and up-to-date. If I have five blue cells in a column, Infinite Campus should tell me there are five missing assignments. If I have five green cells, Infinite Campus should say there are five late assignments.

Q: I have a question you didn’t answer here.

A: Just send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget–I’m here before and after school every day of the week except Monday mornings, when I have bus duty. Students are welcome to stop by any time for help, but especially on Tuesday mornings for ESS.


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