Poetry Slam Round One Winners

Congratulations to the following students for their wins in the first day of the Poetry Slam! WINNERS, please try to join us during first period so that you may read your poem in the final round!

Class Overall Winners


  • Sara Holland (1st)
  • Elizabeth C. (2nd)
  • Martha P. (4th)
  • Bailey W. (5th)
  • Abby M. (6th)

Origami Poem

  • Aiyana C. (1st)
  • Elizabeth C. (2nd)
  • Alex S. (4th)
  • Gracie O. (5th)
  • Abby M. (6th)

Free Choice

  • Garrett B. (1st)
  • Emmy F. (2nd)
  • Gracie H. (4th)
  • Lexie G. (5th)
  • Kamryn M. (6th)

All of these poets will compete tomorrow for the big win!

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