NBCT Letters

Two quick updates at the end of the day:

First, tomorrow is “Sweats for Vets”. Students need to wear red, white, and blue. Mr. Zimmer will be taking donations in the front lobby. These donations are used toward Christmas gifts for the veterans in our local center. Please consider making a contribution. We owe so much to our veterans.

Second, students will be bringing home NBPTS letters today or tomorrow, depending upon the class period. Attached to the letters are release forms that must be signed and returned to me by November 18.

NBPTS is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. I am currently working toward National Board Certification.

As the letter details, I will be required to compose a portfolio demonstrating my teaching practices (specifically, detailing how I learn about my students and make a plan for their future success). Please carefully read through the letter and sign the attached release. You must indicate whether you DO or DO NOT give permission for your child to be included in my portfolio. No students are personally identifiable in portfolio entries.

Thank you for your assistance as I work to improve my teaching! You have been fabulous to work with this year!

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