Folding the Origami House

file_006Here are instructions (with photos) of how to fold your origami house.  I used two sheets of paper to help you see the direction folds go (yellow was the back side of the paper).

Step One: Fold the paper in half, top to bottom (your grade school teacher would call that a hamburger fold).







Step Two: Fold the paper in half again, similar to making a greeting card. Your paper should now be folded in quarters.


Step Three: Start by reversing step two. Open the fold you just made and flatten the paper out.  You should now have a nice crease in the center. Once you have that crease in the center, take the two sides and fold them in to the crease. Your paper should now look like this:


Step Four: Almost done. This is the step where you have to be careful. Leave the OPEN part at the bottom. Fold each of the TOP corners in to the creases you just made, like this:


Step Five: We’re now going to open up those corners we just folded off and flatten them down. This makes the “house” shape complete.


Decorating: Decorate the exterior of the house first (the view you see in the image above. Then, you can open the two front flaps and decorate an interior.

To write your poem, unfold the house completely. You will see a long central column where you can write.


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