Important Grade Update

gradesParents, as we are nearing Friday afternoon, I wanted to share some important information with you regarding grades.

First, there are three possible grades left to enter (some classes already have one or more of these entered; I will be entering the other classes throughout today and into tomorrow morning).  Those grades are:

  • The Count of Monte Cristo timed essay grades (Tests & Projects, 100 point grade, grades cannot go lower than a 50%)
  • The Count of Monte Cristo FINAL DRAFT of the feature article (Tests & Projects, 120 point grade). If students return their graded rough drafts with the final draft, I will change the ROUGH DRAFT grade to the final draft grade.
  • Harry Potter House Competition Extra Credit – Any students in the winning house (to be determined Friday afternoon) will earn 20 points extra credit in this category. Second place students will earn 15 extra credit points. Third place earns ten extra credit. Fourth place students net five extra credit points.

There are still several assignments in the no name work folder on the bulletin board. We must have grades posted by Wednesday, so it is critical that students take quizzes, check the folder for no-names, and submit any missing work. I will be finalizing grades during our work session on Monday.


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