NaNo '16: The Moirai's Apprentice

My 2016 NaNoWriMo project is called The Moirai’s Apprentice. As a teaser to the project, I thought I’d share with you some of my research about Moirai–whom you might know better as the Fates.

The idea of the Moirai is an ancient one. In Homer’s Iliad, the Moirai are actually a single being, Moira Krataia, who spins the thread of life for men at birth (Moirai).

As with all mythological concepts, the Moirai took on different forms throughout history. In some literature and cultures, they are a single being. In others, they are multiple. What’s most common, though, are the Sisters Three.

Clotho (Greek mythology) was the spinner of the thread of life. She carried a spindle onto which the thread was spun. Lachesis would measure the length of the thread, and then when the time came, Atropos would determine the manner of death and cut the thread (Moirai).

In my novel, The Moirai’s Apprentice, the main character discovers himself in the Underworld, at the throne of Thanatos. He is to be trained as a Moirai’s apprentice–forced to weigh the souls of three humans and decide which of the three souls he will reap. It’s a difficult decision, but just when he thinks he has done the right thing…the wrong soul appears. Is there someone working against the Moirai for their own dark purposes? Michael must find out if he hopes to redeem his own soul and save countless others.

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