Week of October 24

We are rapidly nearing the end of the first trimester. Since this is a full-year class, you won’t notice much of a shift in our daily activities. One reminder: you will need a copy of Jane Eyre for November.

FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE – Study Guide will be given 10/28

  • Second period – November 2nd
  • Fourth and Sixth – November 3rd
  • First, Third, and Fifth – November 4th

Monday – bell ringer – finish foldables if your class hasn’t already; completion of “Abandoned Farmhouse” origami poetry; notes in foldable (poetry terms)

Tuesday – bell ringer – Study Island Bell Ringer: Commonly Confused Words; notes in foldable (figurative language and poetic devices)

Wednesday – bell ringer – copy meter table into foldable; rhythm and meter lesson

Thursday – KIP survey (Guidance); if we have extra time, we will begin haiku

Friday – Vocabulary quiz 10 (last vocab quiz of trimester); haiku if we do not do Thursday; connotation lesson using “My Papa’s Waltz” and “The Flea”

Looking forward to the next week:

Monday, Oct. 31 – On-Demand Benchmark

Tuesday – Friday – Wrapping up poetry unit and final exams

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