ZAP List for Next Week

Parents and students:

I have just updated the ZAP list for next week. It is at three pages long. Many of these assignments are 10 questions long—don’t get d-hall for that!

The list will be posted on the whiteboard (I’m sorry, but I can’t e-mail it out to you). Remember, any work on the list must be turned in by Monday at 8:00 or you will have to serve a lunch detention. If you aren’t sure if you’ve turned something in, log in Infinite Campus and check the assignments listed at the bottom of this message.

Also, remember that updated electronic grades (Study Island, ILP, etc.) will require a grade update form (bright green, bottom right of the turn in bin). If you think you did something that’s marked a zero, check the no name work and the returned work BEFORE coming to speak with me.

Thanks for your help in getting work up-to-date!

 Assignments being ZAPped:

  • Study Island Bell Ringers (SIBR 1 – 3)
  • Vocabulary Pack 8
  • ILP

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