Updated Grades

All classes are up-to-date in the grade book.  The only outstanding grades at this time are the grades for the feature articles, which will take about a week to grade and enter. I have received several questions about specific assignments and ZAP, so here are answers to the questions I’ve been asked so far:

Q. Are you ZAPping anyone this week?
A. No. Any assignments still missing by Wednesday will go on next week’s ZAP list. I will post the list on the board Wednesday.

Q. But I did my (ILP, Study Island, etc.)!
A. If you did it after the deadline, I had already exported the report from the program. You will need to fill out a grade change form. Pick one up in the turn-in bin on the bottom right side.

Q. I don’t know what SIBR is.
A. SIBR = Study Island Bell Ringer.

Q. I can’t find the assignment in Study Island.
A. Select the “My Classes” link on the left side of the page.

Q. There are no more copies of Vocab Pack ##. Can you print me one?
A. You can access them online at http://www.nms.org. Click resources and SAT Vocabulary.

Q. What do the assignment flags in Infinite Campus mean?
A. M = missing (the grade is a zero). L = late (you turned it in after I graded the rest of the class and posted the grades. Please note that the use of the “L” flag does not attach a penalty to the grade. If it’s marked “L” and is not a 100%, see the assignment.

Q. I turned in  such-and-such assignment late and you haven’t put it in the grade book yet. Why not?
A. Late work is supposed to be turned in the LATE WORK BOX on the table in the front of the room. If you put it in the turn-in tray, it gets mixed in with other assignments and I don’t always find it right away (especially if it’s mixed in with work I’m not grading immediately).

Q. I think I turned in an assignment, but you’ve marked it missing. What do I do?
A. First, check the no-name board. There are several papers there. Second, check the returned work crate for your class. There’s a chance that I graded it and failed to record the grade in my paper gradebook.

Thank you for your help in turning in grades on time and in legible handwriting.


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