Week of October 17

We are rapidly approaching the close of the first trimester. Here are a few dates you may wish to add to your calendars:

Enhanced Learning/Study Skills – October 26 and November 1

Final Exams – SECOND PERIOD – November 2

Final Exams – FOURTH and SIXTH PERIODS – November 3

Final Exams – FIRST, THIRD, AND FIFTH PERIODS – November 4

*Take note: fifth and sixth periods will switch times on November 4*

In class this week:

MONDAY – Study Island Bell Ringer; test corrections and discussion of AP-style exam

TUESDAY  – No bell ringer. Monte Cristo EOC-style test (38 questions, 45-minute time limit). After exam, students will receive information about Wednesday’s assignment.

WEDNESDAY – Study Island Bell Ringer; timed writing relating to Monte Cristo (40 minute time limit). After timed writing, students will begin assembly of Poetry Glossary of Terms

THURSDAY – Study Island Bell Ringer; introduction to poetry. Poetry analysis discussion (TP-CASTT method)

FRIDAY – Vocabulary quiz #9. In-class writing activity–poetry modeling with “Abandoned Farmhouse”

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