Reading Guide #4

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Reading Quide #4 – The Count of Monte Cristo, Chapters 33 – 46


This is your last reading quiz. Our next Monte Cristo assessment will be a full novel test after Fall Break.


Chapter 33 – The Pair of Dappled Greys

  • What upsets Mme. Danglars?
  • To whom has Mme. Danglars lent her horses?
  • What is different about the horses when they are returned?
  • What happens with Ali and the horses?
  • What does the little boy that makes Monte Cristo warn him (“Sonny”)?

Chapter 34 – Haydee

  • Who is Haydee?
  • What does Monte Cristo want Haydee to keep secret?

Chapter 35 – The Morrel Family

  • What object has the Morrel family placed in a glass case?
  • Whom does Monte Cristo tell Julie he believes Sindbad to be?
  • Whom did M. Morrel believe Sindbad to be?

Chapter 36 – Toxicology

  • What kind of boy is Edward?
  • Where does Monte Cristo say he’s seen the Villeforts before?
  • Who did Mme. Villefort think Monte Cristo was in Italy?
  • What odd topic does Monte Cristo discuss with Mme. Villefort? What is the poison?
  • What does Monte Cristo promise to send Mme. Villefort?

Chapter 37 – The Rise and Fall of Stocks

  • Who objects to the marriage of Albert and Eugenie?
  • Which of the Danglars speculates?
  • How could someone make Danglars lose money?
  • Who comes to visit at five? (REMEMBER–these people are not who they seem)

Chapter 38 – Pyramus and Thisbe

  • Who are the secret lovers?
  • How could it “be in Mme. de Villefort’s interest that (Valentine) should not marry”?
  • How did Monte Cristo help Max get a horse?

Chapter 39 – M. Noirtier de Villefort

  • How does Noirtier communicate?
  • What does Noirtier ask Valentine to retrieve?

Chapter 40 – The Will

  • What is Noirtier’s plan to prevent the marriage? Why will it work?

Chapter 41 – The Telegraph

  • How much money does Villefort ay he has lost?
  • What happens at the end of the chapter with the telegraph message, and how does it affect Danglars?

Chapter 42 – The Dinner

  • What are some ways Monte Cristo displays his ridiculous wealth? (hint: fish, jars, trees…)
  • What is unusual about the way the Cavalcantis are dressed?

Chapter 43 – A Conjugal Scene

  • Who is playing the piano?
  • Why is Danglars upset?
  • How does Mme. Danglars try to get out of the argument?

Chapter 44 – Matrimonial Plans

  • Who is there to “visit” with Monte Cristo when Danglars gets there?
  • What information do we find out about the Cavalcantis as they talk?
  • What do we find out that Danglars would like to do for his daughter’s wedding?

Chapter 45 – A Summer Ball

  • What does Albert tell Monte Cristo he thinks of Eugenie? (it’s not flattering)
  • Whom does Albert want Monte Cristo to invite to the ball? What is his response?
  • How does Mme de Villefort feel about Max Morrel?
  • What will Monte Cristo not do, no matter who offers him?
  • What terrible news is shared about the Villefort family?

Chapter 46 – Mme de Saint-Meran

  • Why is Mme. de Saint-Meran at the house?
  • What did she think she saw in the night?
  • How did M. de Saint-Meran die?

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