Week of September 19

First, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has brought in canned goods! I am really proud of you!

Our current point totals in the House competition:

Hufflepuff is in the lead, with 1470.
Slytherin is in second, with 1440.
Gryffindor is in third, with 1260.
Ravenclaw is in last, with 1070.

In class this week:

Monday: Study Island Verb Tenses bell ringer. If you did not get a blue ribbon, you will have to re-attempt this assignment when in the computer lab. Afterward, we worked on clauses worksheet packets.

Tuesday: Small-scale seminars (in small groups,  you will be answering a series of questions about the novel. Bring your novel for reading time afterward).

Wednesday: Meeting in the computer lab for work on your feature articles (and some of you on Study Island)

Thursday: Reading quiz, appositive phrases, review grammar

Friday: Vocabulary quiz, review grammar

IMPORTANT: I passed out grade sheets in class Friday. If I do not have the missing work tomorrow morning, I will be adding students to the ZAP list. Get assignments in before first period.

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