Week of September 5

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you’ve had an enjoyable weekend to relax with family and friends. The Labor Day holiday is 122 years old this year (2016), originally celebrated on September 5, 1882 (source) in New York City to honor the efforts of American workers.

There are several things we need to cover before getting into our agenda:

  • This week is Spirit Week; Homecoming is Friday evening. Tuesday is Pajama Day, Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday, Thursday is sports team day, and Friday is Red/White/Blue.
  • If you do not have a copy of the novel, you may read the first few chapters online via the Google Classroom. I have personally ordered a few extra copies from Amazon, but they will not be in for a week or so. If you got a novel from me and don’t need it, please return it so that I may give it to someone who does need it. Please understand it is your responsibility to get copies of class novels before we begin reading. You might want to go ahead and pick up a copy of Jane Eyre instead of waiting for November.
  • MonteCristoReadingSchedule – This is a PDF copy of the reading schedule I will be giving out in class.
  • September calendar is available here.

In Class This Week:

Tuesday – All classes except fifth period will meet in the computer lab. We will be completing research for our informative writing assignment. (Fifth period will be doing work with prepositional phrases)

Wednesday – All classes will meet in the computer lab to continue Tuesday’s work.

Thursday – Reading Quiz covering chapters 1 – 4 in the novel. Fifth period will be in the computer lab. All other classes will be doing work with prepositional phrases.

Friday – Vocabulary Quiz #4

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