Week of August 29

We are wrapping up our work with Dracula and are about to begin working on The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas. Please note that we are reading the abridged novel (the TOR CLASSICS edition).

In class this week:

Monday – We will begin by allowing anyone who hasn’t finished the Dracula test a short amount of time to take care of that. We’re also going to discuss test-taking strategies. As I have shared with students in class, the EOC is the same format as all of our tests in class (38 questions, passage-based). We have only 45 minutes on the EOC exam–so we’ll work on some time-savers since that’s clearly an issue at this point. After that, I’ll give students some introductory material on The Count of Monte Cristo.

Tuesday – Please meet in Computer Lab 26 on the third hallway. We’ll be entering your Dracula paragraphs in Google Classroom to establish a baseline writing sample, and you will complete the first activity for your informative writing assignment.

Wednesday – Please meet in Computer Lab 26 on the third hallway. We will continue working on your informative writing assignment. You will also be completing an activity on Study Island. If you’d like to go ahead and do this or if you’re curious to know more about Study Island, please ask me for your username and password.

Thursday – Grammar mini-lesson. We’ll be discussing the types of phrases today.

Friday – Vocabulary Quiz #3. Continued practice with grammar phrases.

Other Information:

  • The Count of Monte Cristo reading will begin next week. Students who have requested a copy of the text from me will receive one this week. If you are purchasing your own copy, please do so ASAP. Some have asked if a Kindle ebook is fine–it certainly is. Here’s the link to the exact version: click here.
  • ZAP referrals were given last week. I had five different assignments turned in without names on them that would have gotten someone out of ZAP. This is a preventable detention. Please make sure your name is on everything you turn in, and check the no-names regularly (especially if you are missing something)!
  • I will be conducting ESS on Tuesday mornings this school year. If you are planning to attend for a specific purpose (test taking strategies, etc.), please let me know in advance so I may have material prepared.

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