Grade Amnesty Day August 19

Parents: I am having a grade amnesty day August 19.

Many of the sophomores have been struggling with turning things in this school year. I realize the last two weeks have been a time of transition.

We are about to begin the ZAP program. ZAP (Zeroes Aren’t Permitted) is a school initiative to reduce the number of missing assignments.

This Friday only, rather than referring students to the ZAP program, I am offering an amnesty day.

I will be providing students with a printed copy of their grade reports in class on Friday. Students may look over their grades, look through the returned work in their class crate, check the no name folder for their class, et cetera.

Any work turned in prior to the beginning of first period Monday will be accepted with no penalty. Please take advantage of this opportunity.*

The one exception: Summer reading journals must still be turned in with a late homework pass.

*I have bus duty Monday mornings. Work may be brought to me directly in the front bus lane, you may place it in my door pocket, or you may slide it under the locked door.

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