Dracula Summer Assessment Results

I have graded all of the Dracula assessments, and I have several things to announce:

First, there will be retakes permitted. My retake policy is that the class average must be 75% or below to earn a retake. You earned it by the skin of your teeth–75.44%. So, retakes will be offered for one calendar week, before or after school. Please note that I cannot offer retakes on Monday mornings due to bus duty. You will not be permitted to use your journal or any assistive material on the retake.

Second, I am very proud of some of you for your efforts, particularly the two young ladies that earned 100%! You each earned twenty house points. Well done.

You will receive your graded exams back. I strongly suggest you use them to study before retaking the exam.

As for your journals…still grading those. They’ll take a bit longer to return to you. 🙂

Please try to have your two-pocket folder before Monday so that I can place graded work in them.

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    1. I don’t generally identify students online without checking with them first. Most people don’t mind, but you never know. 🙂

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