It's Almost Here!

We’re rapidly approaching the first day of school! If you are anything like my kids, you’re excited and dreading it all in one. Don’t worry–you’ll be fine. Here are a few quick pointers to help you through.

  • Be sure to have pencil and paper with you on the first day. Yes, it’s the first day. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to write anything down. 🙂
  • Be aware of announcements. There are lots of new teachers and a few old faces in new locations (for example, Senora King’s classes will be meeting in room 21 in the front middle hall for awhile).
  • If you didn’t read the summer reading (ahem), please do so ASAP to be ready for the test on Friday. And if you only read the Cliffs Notes or Spark Notes…consider reading the book. Remember that I’ve read the notes too, and they won’t always help you understand the nuances of every test question.
  • We will begin the morning with ADVISORY.

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