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Today, I spent part of the afternoon traveling around Mt. Sterling with my family, trying to get photos of some locations mentioned in Don’t Ask Me to Leave. Unfortunately, a few of the locations were closed…one for good! We did manage to get a milkshake at Berryman’s Tasty Treat.
Gaitskill Indian Mound


The Gaitskill Mound isn’t one of the largest in the area, but it is one of the most easily accessible by far. This photo was taken from my parking spot in the lot of Advance Auto Parts. There are many known mounds in the area–but I will always wonder how many others have gone undiscovered or, worse, were destroyed before they could be documented and protected.



IMG_5970Ascension Episcopal Church 
Unfortunately, the church wasn’t open. Their website suggested they were, but we weren’t able to get in to get
pictures of the historic stained glass windows and original wood paneling. I left a voice mail, though, and hope to get in soon!



Baptist Church

This building is one of the oldest in Montgomery County. While it has been renovated a few times and is no longer home to the original congregation it hosted, it is a beautiful example of architecture from a time gone by. There’s a bit of history of the building I will be sharing in a later blog post that I found when researching the National Register of Historic Places.



Log Cabin

I was stunned to learn that there was a little log cabin nestled in the heart of downtown next to Community Trust Bank. It was locked, but I hope to get in touch with someone from the historical society while I am in town this week. Hopefully I’ll get some details that I can share with you (and Beau can impart to Rachel).

IMG_5986 IMG_5989

Farmers Bank

IMG_5975In the late days of the Civil War, Confederate troops in Mount Sterling pulled off a daring heist of the Farmers Bank. The money they stole was never recovered, and while a soldier was put on trial, it was ruled that robbery isn’t illegal as an act of war. The full circumstances of the robbery remain a mystery to this day. I’ve been told that the original vault is still in the building. However, the cafe that had been operating in the building has closed, and the building was not open.






Berryman’s Tasty Treat

No visit to Mt. Sterling is complete without a visit to Berryman’s, although I was a little surprised to find it had changed locations since I went off to college. Imagine that. 🙂 However, the building is now located even closer to Beau and Rachel’s downtown field trip, which makes it perfect. You should stop in some time for a hand-dipped milk shake.

IMG_5993IMG_6006 IMG_6008

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