Happy Birthday, USA

We just finished one of the wettest Fourth of July holidays I can remember, with inches of rain and flooding forcing us to stay indoors. Since I spent the day working on revisions for Don’t Ask, I thought I’d share some Happy Birthday wishes to the USA and to the character of Olivia Miller, who happens to share a birthday with the greatest country on Earth.004BOA_Bree_Turner_026This is Olivia as I imagine her–the character of Bree Turner from Bring it On Again.

When we first meet Olivia, it’s clear that she’s the epitome of Bridezilla, micromanaging every detail of the Miller twins’ double wedding to their blushing brides.

Like Bree Turner, she’s used to getting things her way. She’s stylish and commanding, and she’s definitely the type to wear pearls with her designer sweats.

Olivia’s birthday is the fourth of July, and it never once occurs to her that the parties, fireworks, and barbecues she attends could have any other function than celebrating her magnificence. She’s a polar opposite and natural antagonist to Rachel’s unassuming persona.

So, happy birthday, Olivia–and happy 240th to the U. S. of A. Here’s lookin’ at you!

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