Don't Ask Me to Leave

Micki Clark's debut novel will be released by Mantle Rock Publishing in 2017.

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What's going on in class this week?

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Our Current Class Novel: Brave New World

Right now, our class is studying Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World. For links and copies of homework assignments, click the link below.

Brave New World Category Page

A Writer’s Brain Never Sleeps

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One of the most frequent discussions I have with my students when I assign a creative writing piece is “I don’t know what to write”. As someone who lives immersed in the literary world, that’s always a bit hard for me to comprehend. My problem is usually the opposite–which story should get to fall out of the jumble in my brain and land on paper? There are so many different kinds of intelligence in this world, and what I find fascinating is how the brain operates for each. My husband, for example, is mechanically inclined. When he can’t sleep, it’s because his brain is busy telling him 18,489 different configurations he should try with one of our vehicles. Me, on the other hand, well…a writer’s brain never sleeps. Need proof? Read More

Week of February 21

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Welcome back! Hopefully everyone has recovered from illness.

In class this week:

TUESDAY – Pajama Day – begin reading Act 2 of Julius Caesar – fill out companion notes

WEDNESDAY – College Day – continue reading Act 2 of Caesar – fill out notes

THURSDAY – School Colors – Wrap up of Act 2, clips from Cleopatra

FRIDAY – School Colors – Vocab quiz; begin Act 3

Missed class? Get caught up here:

Act Two Notes

Act Three Notes

Read online:

Preorders Begin TODAY!

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Beginning TODAY, you can pre-order Don’t Ask Me to Leave (the Kindle edition) on! Go here to reserve your copy: Amazon

The print version of the novel will be available March 16, 2017.

Don’t forget, if you pre-order the novel, send me a screenshot or some form of proof of purchase via one of the following channels to claim your PDF of behind-the-scenes info!

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Valentine’s Week

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This week is Ms. Moore’s solo teaching experience. We are beginning our reading of Julius Caesar. A large portion of students have been out of class in the last few days, so if necessary, links are provided with copies of worksheets and other resources.


Logos, Ethos, Pathos prezi (notes) –

Shakespeare Background Information (PPT)


Rhetorical Strategies (PPT)

Julius Caesar (the person) (PPT) – link; (notes) – link

Wednesday & Thursday

Reading Act I, completion of guided reading notes

Read the text online –


Vocab Quiz 19

Continue reading Julius Caesar