Study Island

I have received a few e-mails with messages about access problems and Study Island. Make sure you are using the Study Island for Schools login (on the right) and not Study Island for Home. Can’t remember which SI assignments you need to do? Can’t find an assignment in the list? Click here for more instructions.

Week of October 17

We are rapidly approaching the close of the first trimester. Here are a few dates you may wish to add to your calendars:

Enhanced Learning/Study Skills – October 26 and November 1

Final Exams – SECOND PERIOD – November 2

Final Exams – FOURTH and SIXTH PERIODS – November 3

Final Exams – FIRST, THIRD, AND FIFTH PERIODS – November 4

*Take note: fifth and sixth periods will switch times on November 4* Continue reading Week of October 17

Ugly Babies

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Never is that statement more true than when speaking of a new mother’s affection for her infant. A mother is able to overlook even the most glaring imperfections while cherishing her offspring, even when others notice immediately. By the same token, many of us allow the mother’s enthusiasm to do the same for us, softening our objections and allowing us to say, “Oh, but look at those cute eyes/mouth/toes.” This week in my English classes, we’ll be doing a writing exercise that I call Ugly BabiesContinue reading Ugly Babies

The Power of Reading

We’re on Fall Break this week. After a morning outside at the park, I took my kids by GameStop and let them each pick out a “new” game for our Wii console. Carson chose Mario Super Sluggers. Cameron voted for Need for Speed Version 1,000,001, or whatever it is, and Colton selected an F1 racing game. I expected them to spend all day today in front of the television, and I’d resigned myself to it. After all, I told myself, they don’t get to do it that often. But then, I walked by my daughter’s door and got a little surprise. Continue reading The Power of Reading